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The CEU Universities are located in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. CEU is the largest private educational group in Spain and the only one with three universities in its organization. With over 80 years of experience, CEU guarantees a unique experience as it is the only academic institution that offers education to students ranging from 3-year-old children to influential executives at its 25 centres.

CEU provides a comprehensive education in line with its Christian Humanism values. Our inherent values speak to our commitment to providing a personalized educational experience that includes tutoring and integrated programmes. These values drive our commitment to society through an extensive scholarship programme and pioneering academic volunteer initiatives around the world. These values have also translated into research which has contributed to the professional and humanist evolution of our society today.

Inspired by the values of Christian Humanism, CEU offers our students a comprehensive education that is guided by freedom and tolerance as well as the firm belief that the world needs clear ideas and principles that can contribute to academic debate, enriching the university experience. CEU is involved in issues around the world and firmly believes in the need to improve the lives of our fellow citizens. CEU is not for students whose only goal is to find work upon graduation. Instead, it is the perfect place for students who seek to be the best versions of themselves.


All CEU degrees have 5 things in common:

  • Educational Innovation: Yesterday’s lectures just won’t cut it today.
  • Applied Research: We need to learn, advance and discover.
  • Transversal Skills: Leadership training, becoming a convincing speaker, time and stress management, providing necessary and useful information.
  • International Perspective: The world is getting smaller and smaller every day.
  • Focus on Employability: Knowledge and actions are everything. You need to learn to bring out your best in both your professional and personal lives.

For you to make an informed decision, you need to know what is on offer at CEU in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.


Academic Excellence in Madrid

Our University in Madrid, Universidad CEU San Pablo, is a prestigious institution in its own right as internationally renowned presidents of multinational companies, doctors, architects, lawyers and journalists have studies at the institution.

As the Spanish University with the greatest offer of bilingual degrees, it is also the largest investor in international scholarships. The high quality education that our students receive can be demonstrated in the fact that our students have an employability rate of over 83%.

Research is at the core the University’s academic life and is a priority for CEU. CEINDO, the CEU International School of Doctoral Studies of the three CEU Universities is a testament to this.

Madrid’s offer is limitless.


A University Where Getting Closer Takes you further

Our CEU University in Barcelona is called the Universidad Abat Oliba CEU. Specially designed for a more personalised professor-student relationship, lectures are offered to smaller groups of students who benefit from comprehensive attention and tailor-made complimentary programmes developed throughout the educational process. Universidad Abat Oliba CEU offers nine bilingual degrees and dual degree. Firmly committed to research, 80% of the University’s professors participate in academic research and innovation projects.

The campus is located in one of the most attractive residential areas of Barcelona, ranked among the world’s most cosmopolitan and modern cities. The city itself offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities that enrich your university experience.  

The Universidad Abat Oliba CEU boasts the highest employment rate among the Catalonian universities: 95% of its students find a job immediately after completing their studies and 89% do so within three months.


One of the Most International Universities in Europe

Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera is the name of our CEU University in Valencia. With more than 75 nationalities represented in its classrooms, students are provided the opportunity to share experiences with and learn from their peers from around the world. Valencia is the Spanish city with the greatest influx of European students year on year.

The Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera offers an innovative, newly built state-of-the-art campus equipped with hi-tech facilities, including modern television and radio broadcasting studios, a veterinary hospital, an advanced health science simulation room, creative workshops and multimedia tools for student teamwork.

On the Mediterranean coast, Valencia is famous for its wonderful climate that can be enjoyed year round at its beautiful beaches. The spectacular Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias is one of its most important cultural attractions. Valencia is a city where history and tradition meet as it is an open-minded city with one of Europe’s largest historic centres. The cost of living in Valencia represents the best value for money in Spain and is only 90 minutes by train or plane from Madrid and Barcelona.


At CEU you will find state-of-the-art infrastructures, equipped with the latest technologies.

Our facilities are available to all students from day one to enable the best practical training and the highest skills qualifications:

-          More than 90 teaching and research laboratories.

-          Audiovisual centres with equipment, radio rooms, editing room, digital and analogical photography laboratory.

-          The most advanced specific research centres

-          Veterinarian Clinical Hospital, veterinary research centres and livestock units.

-          More than 120 libraries, co-working spaces and study halls

-          Chapels and pastoral service for those who want to nurture their spirituality

-          Spaces for a variety of cultural and sports training activities.

-          The CEU Institute for Advanced Management

-          El CEU Institute for Advanced Management for executive and postgraduate training.


At CEU we offer a special platform to welcome international students. We have created several complementary facilities aimed at those students who are going to start their education with us. We will help and advise you on:

-          Search for accommodation before and / or after arrival.

-          Transport upon arrival.

-          Setting-up a Spanish bank account

-          Health insurance

-          Helping you keeping in touch: we provide assistance setting up your mobile phone and ADSL, so you don’t go unconnected for a single moment.

-          Legal aspects and procedures support

-          Personalized leisure and culture recommendations

At our International Relations Office you will have access to a personal tutor who will assist you in with any need you have or issue which may arise.

CEU Universities

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What students think about CEU Universities

    Giulia Mattion, Master’s Degree in Food & Beverage Sustainable Entrepreneurship, 2019

    This master’s degree gives you an unprecedented insight into the food and beverage sector, especially because it takes into account sustainability in all its aspects, which is essential in a world that is evolving so quickly. 

    Angela Indacochea, Master’s Degree in Digital Communication and New Technologies, 2019

    This master’s degree has given me the opportunity to meet specialists working in various areas of the digital sector. This has shown me the vast professional possibilities opening up in the immediate future. 

    Andrea Vásquez, Degree in Business Administration and Management, 2018

    Learning and having a new life experience makes you a citizen of the world. At CEU they stand by you and help you become a better professional. 

Location of CEU Universities

CEU Universities main campus location is shown on the map below:

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Services Offered for International Students

  • Course and Career Counselling services
  • International student clubs and associations
  • On campus medical facilities
  • Religious Facilities - Christianity

Facts about CEU Universities

  • Year institution founded: 1933
  • Total enrolled: 3100

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